Posted by Allicia Sim

Step 1:

Stick the copper foil tape on the gray line.

** Apply the copper foil tape in a continuous line but not in separate pieces, even when joining the tapes at the turning points.

Remarks: DON’T break the copper foil tape to do a turning point.


Step 2: 

Fold the left corner of the bottom page according to the dotted line & place the battery at the circle with the "+" sign on top while the "-" sign at the bottom.

Flip over the folded corner to cover the whole battery, and clip the battery in place with a binder clip.


Step 4: 

Stick the LED on the gap between the copper foil tapes (location is shown as dotted circle). The light will be turned on!


Step 5: 

With the LEDs, cut the page out according to the dotted line and you can slot the circuit at the back of your doodle.