Positive Creatures


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Positive Creatures is not just any colouring book. It's a book that will brighten up your day and keep you happy. If you are stressed out, colouring the Positive Creatures or playing with it will help calm you.

What's more, the cuteness of the doodlings will definitely put a smile on your face. Plus, the paper circuit with LED lights will light up your days. With Positive Creatures, you can relief your stress while enjoy doodling, colouring and learning the basics of electronics.

Update 27th Oct 2015: We are starting fulfill all the Pre-Order now, you will received an email from our systems once your item is fulfill. Thanks for the support!


Book Overview:
- Handmade item
- Featuring 22 of our original hand-drawn creatures
- 160gsm Hard Cover
- Each page is printed on 160gsm Artists Drawing Paper.
- Wire 'O' binding


Dodomons Positive Creatures 
Doodle.Colour.Paper Circuit Pack:

01. Doodle + Colour + Paper Circuit Instruction Book x 1
02. Dodomons’ Sticker x 2
03. Dodomons’ Bookmark x 1
04. Copper Tape (Circuit Sticker) x 1 roll
05. Selefon Tape x 1
06. Special 7 colour auto blinking LED x 2
07. SMD LED, White Color x 4
08. SMD LED, Blue Color x 4
09. SMD LED, Green Color x 4
10. SMD LED, Yellow Color x 4
11. SMD LED, Orange Color x 4
12. SMD LED, Red Color x 4
13. Coin Battery x 2
14. Double Clip x 2


Dodomons Positive Creatures 
Doodle.Colour Pack:

01. Doodle + Colour Book x 1
02. Dodomons’ Sticker x 2
03. Dodomons’ Bookmark x 1

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